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Server colocation, web database interface design (mySQL/PHP), web site design

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Would you like to have your own internet/world wide web page?

No problem!

We design, develop, construct, host and register web pages.

A standard page consists of up to eight black and white or coloured graphics (photographs, diagrams, maps, logos etc.) together with the appropriate written material in Italian, English and German, reservation form included.

The initial design and construction of the page costs Euro 450. You may change two photographs per year and up-grade the text whenever essential without additional charge.

The hosting is fee Euro 168 annually (all taxes included).

Your page will be integrated into our popular www.gallo-nero.info, www.country-vacations.com etc. home pages. Our web sites are trilingual (Italian, English and German).

Needless to say, you will be allocated your own attractive and informative world wide web address, in the form www.gallo-nero.info/your-name.htm.

An e-mail alias will be provided free upon request, in the form your-name@gallo-nero.info. E-mail is thereby forwarded to your current e-mail address. We recommend that you take advantage of this offer - if you should change your internet access provider, your e-mail address will not not change.

 Farm stay apartment web sites

BOOKING CALENDAR - each agritourism web page can link to its own calendar which shows when the various accommodations are available. This calendar can be visible to the public so that no one wastes time trying to reserve accommodation that is already booked, or it can be open only to the owner for private management of reservations. This service is included in your annual subscription.

A BOOKING FORM with a similar layout will be available to the owner of the property and/or the his agent, under password control. Once a reservation has been confirmed, the appropriate date boxes will be marked on the form which then enters them in our database and publishes them to the web site. In the same way, boxes can be unmarked if the reservation is cancelled.

SECURE FORM - each property may have a link to a secure form for transmission of credit card details related to deposits. The output can be read under password control either by the property owner, if he accepts credit card payments, or by his agent. This system is completely encrypted and secure. This service is included in your annual subscription.

EXTRA PUBLICITY - all of our agritourism customers have their properties listed on www.country-vacations.com, in addition to their geographical home site. This service is included in your annual subscription.

ammonet can handle all aspects of reservations for property owners who do not wish to do this themselves, for example because they do not have an e-mail connection, do not handle credit cards, do not speak English or German, or do not have time. Please contact us for the details.

The web site www.gallo-nero.info is hosted on large and fast computers located in America, with multiple T3 connections to the main web backbone on the US East Coast. These computers are dedicated to IPP (hosting) only, with no bandwidth lost to ISP (web access). This is intended to ensure very rapid access from all points in North America and Europe, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Most importantly, we go to great lengths to ensure that our site is listed prominently on all the important web search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN and so on.

To advertise your business world-wide now, just send us your logo, your photographs (not slides) and your text. There is no need to make copies - all originals will be returned to you when your page is completed. Please be sure to indicate whether you have internet access so that we can let you test-view your page on-line.

All the best!


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